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Do you live in a small apartment or are you getting ready to move into one? When you’re working with a small space, you may worry that you just don’t have a lot of options to help you decorate and improve the overall appearance of the room you do have. However, by incorporating area rugs into your decorating, you can make the most of your little apartment and really bring the space to life at the same time. There are many available options from BoldRugs that can help you get the job done. Check out our design tips below for more help.

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Round Rugs

In smaller spaces, round rugs can gave the illusion of more room than square or rectangular rugs might. A round rug will show more carpet or flooring underneath and will, therefore, make your room appear that much bigger. Too many angles in a small room can make it seem overwhelming, too, so using a round rug can help soften the overall appearance of the space and make it more inviting. Several small round rugs can give your room a fun pop of color in a unique way, as well.

Divide the Room

Many smaller apartments feature open floor plans, and if you have one of these or something as small as a studio apartment you may need to divide your room or rooms and section off areas visually that you can’t close off with walls. You can use runner rugs to separate spaces with a small splash of color and style, or you can use larger mid-size or full-size area rugs to lay out specific sections of the floor for individual uses. If you use full-size rugs, make sure you leave plenty of floor space between the rugs to make it easier to transition visually from one to the next.

Accent Pieces

A little goes a long way in small spaces, and with accent area rugs, you can get a pop of color and a splash of fun in any room without having to commit to a bigger rug to do so. Try placing an accent piece at the foot or side of your bed in a smaller apartment bedroom or at the foot of a recliner in your small living room. An accent rug can also work wonders in the dining area or bathroom to help improve the overall tone of the room.

Guide the Eye

Last but not least, don’t forget to use area rugs to guide the eye from one space to the next. This is a little different from separating the spaces in your apartment by using rugs, but you can also achieve this effect with runners if necessary. This works best when you have an apartment with enclosed rooms, a hallway, or an entryway or foyer. Use a runner rug to help transition from one part of the apartment to the next and make sure to match these rugs together to create a more cohesive overall appearance in your interior design style.

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