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Back in January 2015 we featured a great interview with Susan from LISU Wedding and Handmade Jewellery. We recently caught up with Susan and she shared some new developments in her business, plus showed us some beautiful new ranges of jewellery she is working on.

1. Please could you share with us how your business has evolved since we spoke last time?

My business has evolved over time in that I am now making my jewellery using different methods of jewellery making to when I first started. I have progressed from wire wrapping to wire weaving techniques. Wire weaving is a bit harder to master than wire wrapping but I have made quite a few wire weaved cabochon pendant necklaces. I am still using the beading technique in my jewellery as I like this technique. I have also progressed from making wire wrapped rings and pendants to wire wrapped semi-precious gemstone crystal earrings for pierced and non pierced ears. I have also made quite a few beaded Swarovski Crystal pearl and semi-precious gemstone rhinestone watch bracelets. I am always on the lookout for new jewellery making techniques to make my jewellery look unique.

2. What has worked well for you in terms of marketing your business?

I market my business through social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and keep looking for other online platforms to sell my jewellery on as well as my website. I have an Etsy shop and have recently joined Ardadela UK which is a new independent selling platform for UK designers. I am also a designer listed on UK Handmade. I have also paid for advertisements in craft magazines with a jewellery content. I am not actually sure which works the best for me but I think it is social media.

3. Have you learned any helpful lessons now you have been established for some time?

Helpful lessons I have learned would be to make new items of jewellery (or whatever it is that you are selling) as often as you can because everyone has different tastes in what they like and making new items regularly will keep you in people’s minds. Also advertise you business as much as you can whether it is through social media, niche magazines or newspapers.


4. Have you introduced any new jewellery ranges you would like to showcase.

Yes. I would like to showcase my recently new wire wrapped crystal gemstone earrings, crystal earrings for non pierced ears, my rhinestone bracelet watches and some of my new bridal jewellery which is not on the website yet as I am still making it but I have made two pendant pearl necklaces already. I have been neglecting my bridal jewellery but I have more to come.

5. Finally, please share with us where we can find you around the net.

LISU Website

LISU Twitter

LISU Facebook

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