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A new baby arriving is an exciting time for the parents, but also for friends, family and work colleagues who all want to give a memorable gift. In our rundown today we are going to look at a range of gift ideas and as this is Art of Crafts many of them will be creative. However, it’s also important¬† not to forget the practical, so there’s a mix here to please everyone. Plus, we all want to do something nice for new parents regardless of our budget, so even if you can’t afford an expensive gift right now, why not give the gift of your time.

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Make Your Own Gift

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If you want to be truly creative then you can always make your own gift for the new baby. This is a probably a time to play to your strengths, rather than to try something new, so if you are an experienced knitter, crocheter, sewer or an expert in paper crafts why not give the gift of your expertise and make something which will be treasured forever.

Through the ages people have traditionally created their own handmade gifts for a new baby and thus it’s gifts like these which often get remembered for a long time to come. Many of us as adults still have items of clothing that were knitted or sewn for us by our grannies or who have passed on items to our own children, like dolls houses, which our Grandads worked on tirelessly.

In recent years there has been a huge resurgence in people crafting, as you well know if you read this blog, so don’t be afraid to gift something you have created yourself. One word of caution though would be to start on the project early if you want to be in time for the birth, as we all know those WIPs (works in progress) can often take way longer than we expect.

Personalised Gifts

If you head to any of the sites like Etsy, Folksy and NotOnTheHighStreet you can purchase a wide range of gifts which can be personalised to the parents and new baby. There are a vast array of beautiful gifts available which can incorporate the names of the family and extended family, some even include the birth date and place of birth. You can choose from wall art, jewelry, soft furnishings and even nursery furniture, depending on your budget.

These are items which are better chosen after the baby has been born and named so they aren’t so good for baby showers but make the perfect gifts for christenings or naming ceremonies. If you are uncertain about what to buy it can be worthwhile to run your ideas past the new parents first, just to ensure they end up with something they are going to love.

Practical Gifts

If you aren’t creative yourself it’s important to remember that practical gifts are welcomed just as much by new parents, especially those gifts which they may not have thought to purchase for themselves. These types of gifts are also a great choice for work colleagues who may have a slightly bigger budget because they are clubbing together and who want to buy something they know will get used.

Items for the nursery are always a good choice although it might be a good idea to check with the prospective Mom or Dad first, to make sure what you are going to buy fits in with the existing color scheme and the space available. Otherwise select items that everyone can use, such as diaper bags, changing mats, bottle warmers or books for the new parent or picture books. Not everything you purchase has to be used right away, and as babies develop pretty quickly parents will appreciate gifts which their offspring can grow into.

Activity Gifts

These are less often thought of but they can be a welcome addition for parents who have most of the physical items already in place, such as when it’s the arrival of a second or third baby.

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You can either purchase the gifts themselves or better yet purchase gift cards which can be used at any time. Swimming lessons for newborns, yoga for Mom or even activities that mean the parents can escape for a little time together can be a good option. Head to any of the Activity Gift sites for a whole array of ideas.

A further option is to book a session with a professional photographer so that those first few weeks or months of the newborn’s life can be captured on camera. This is something that parents often don’t have the budget for themselves but it creates a gift which they can ultimately hang on their wall and which creates a memory of a cherished time together as a new family.

Gift Your Time

A huge gift for new parents can be the gift of time. Even if your budget is fairly limited what you can offer to do is to help the parents out when needed. This could be for baby sitting duties, to pop round when Mom or Dad needs a few minutes to themselves or maybe you could offer to clean, cook or shop for them. Naturally this needs to be handled sensitively as you don’t want to intrude, but if you are close to the family why not give them a little book of vouchers to call on your services whenever they need some help.

Do you have any other ideas for creative gifts for new parents? If you have gifted something extra special why not tell us about it in the comments section. Alternatively, if you create gifts for newborns feel free to leave a link below. It’s always good to have new ideas for gifts for this special time in the lives of new parents.

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