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This is a guest post from Ashley Lucas who you can find over at Lady Lucas.

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This past winter, I had the chance to work on my first published adult coloring book with Taunton Press called, The Magical Garden Coloring Book. (Available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA) The experience was super fun, lots of work and a great way to get to know my style (and myself) better. I found that I love the experience of working with others much more than alone, because the feedback and critiques about each page pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a new way of creating.

I recently wrote a post for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators detailing some tips and tricks regarding working as an adult coloring book artist here. The industry is still going strong, and I love being able to share my experiences with other artists that would like to break into this fun and creative niche. I’m always up for any questions you have, so please comment below with anything you’d like to know more about!


Here are some fun tidbits I’ve learned about adult coloring books in the last six months:

  • You can still find them prominently displayed in almost every book, craft and gift store, which means the initial prediction of the end of this fad is nowhere in sight!
  • It’s a global phenomenon – not limited to any particular country or region. My local bookstore in Salzburg has a better selection of adult coloring books than bookstores I’ve visited in New York City.
  • After researching the offerings on the market, coloring books that feature gardens, flowers, animals and geographic locations seem to be the most popular currently.


The experience of creating The Magical Garden Coloring Book, made me excited to experiment with different themes, so I decided to dedicate my latest work to the subject of tea. The Lady Lucas Tea Party Coloring Book features ten adorable pages of adult coloring fun. If tea is your thing, I highly recommend that you try out a free coloring page (Download) from the book with a cup of your favorite blend.  Enjoy!


Follow along with Ashley’s artistic journey on social media at @LadyLucasArt or by signing up for her newsletter which offers a cute, free printable every month!

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