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Here’s a fun and fresh little craft to make around Easter time for your dining table. It also makes a great, unexpected gift!1 Teacup Fairy Garden - Copy

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Materials You Will Need:

  • teacup & saucer
  • assorted moss (from the garden, or any floral supplier)
  • small scoop of soil
  • waterproof miniatures
  • *optional* fairy garden bunting

2 Teacup Fairy Garden - Copy

1. Choose a cute, porcelain tea cup and saucer for your garden. Mine was a gift from a friend, but you can find lovely ones at antique markets or local gift stores. Add a scoop of soil to the cup, and lightly place a generous amount of moss on top. Spray with water until the moss is moist but not drenched.

3 Teacup Fairy Garden - Copy

2. Add some sweet, waterproof miniatures to your garden. I purchased the little metal bunnies at a craft store, but you can find similar ones at any dollar or discount party shop. Snail shells are everywhere here in Salzburg, and very common in floral arrangements, so I thought I’d add some too! Snipped artificial flowers also work well. My mom made these darling snowdrops for me using some wire, crepe paper and florist tape.

4 Teacup Fairy Garden - Copy

3. For a really special finishing touch, you can create a mini fairy garden bunting. It will add some extra color and fun to your display.

5 Teacup Fairy Garden - Copy

4. The best part about this project, is that it can be completed in an hour, making it a fun DIY activity to make with children.

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a craft designer and illustrator specializing in adorable characters. Visit her Etsy Shop for printable coloring books and pages, and don’t forget to join the Lady Lucas Club so you don’t miss out on free downloads and ideas sent out every four weeks! Lady Lucas on social media: @LadyLucasArt

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