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This cute little monkey bookmark is the perfect craft to make this year in preparation for Chinese New Year (February 8) in order to celebrate 2016; The Year of the Monkey. While teaching art to children in Chinatown during college, Chinese New Year was always my favorite time of year. Red and gold filled every store and restaurant, clementines were exchanged by students and teachers, and envelopes for lucky money were available in a dazzling array of patterns at little shops everywhere.

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1 Year of the Monkey Bookmark (1)

Materials you will need:
– Brown or ‘recycled paper’ bookmarks
– A pencil, eraser & a black permanent pen
– Colored Pencils
– A hole puncher
– Soft String
– Scissors

1) Draw the head of the monkey first with pencil (which is a simple oval shape with two ears as shown). Add details such as eyes, a nose and a mouth. Next, draw the shape of the body as a long oval. Lastly, sketch some arms, hands and a tail.

2 Year of the Monkey Bookmark

2) Trace over the monkey’s lines with a permanent black pen and erase any lines or marks that remain. Using colored pencils, add color to the monkey’s head and body. One of the reasons I love using brown paper for this, is that light colored pencils show up so nicely; such as tan and peach.

3 Year of the Monkey Bookmark

3) Using a hole puncher, add two holes to the bottom of the monkey’s body for the legs.

4 Year of the Monkey Bookmark

4) Snip a length of string that is long enough to loop through the bookmark as shown. Knot the bottoms of the piece of string for the ‘feet’.

5) Gift the monkey bookmarks you make to friends to celebrate Chinese New Year and don’t forget to add a clementine or two!

5 Year of the Monkey Bookmark

Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a craft designer and illustrator specializing in adorable characters. Visit her Etsy Shop for printable coloring books and pages, and don’t forget to join the Lady Lucas Club so you don’t miss out on free downloads and ideas sent out every four weeks! Lady Lucas on social media: @LadyLucasArt

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