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I came across a new craft medium this year while living in Europe, and I’m totally in love with it! It goes by the name of ‘wall vinyl’ and you can purchase it in pretty much any shade you can image. The paper itself is usually shiny or patterned, and it has a ‘peel off’ sticker backing that allows you to adhere it to the wall or pretty much any surface.
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Materials needed
– wall vinyl in a variety of shiny colors (mine is from Tchibo Austria)
– small scissors
– a clean, white wall or tile surface
1) Prepare the surface you’re going to use making sure it’s free of any dust or dirt. I used the wall in my art studio, but you can pretty much use any spot you desire ranging from a glass vase to the tile wall in the kitchen. Just be sure to test a tiny piece first to make sure the wall vinyl doesn’t harm the surface you wish to use.
2)  Cut strips of vinyl into very thin pieces. Make some straight and some curved. Experiment with different lengths.
3) Peel the backing off of each piece of vinyl and adhere it to the wall. You can go for a simple ‘starbust’ effect as shown, or something even more creative. As you start to apply the pieces to the wall, you might want to cut some elements smaller or larger to fit your vision.
4) Add as many fireworks as you’d like. You can use a hole puncher or various other paper punchers to make small, accent shapes for your display.
5) I added a silver skyline to set off my fireworks display, but you could add anything you’d like ranging from a line to show the horizon, to a silhouette of a bridge. If you’re hosting a Fireworks Night party, this wall installation would look lovely next to the cocktail or buffet table.
Tips and tricks: Use a credit card to smooth out any bumps of air in your wall vinyl pieces. If you can’t find wall vinyl at your local craft store, you can experiment with washi tape instead!
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