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I have to admit, I really enjoyed putting this tutorial together; maybe a little too much for a 30-something lady! ?


Halloween is, after all, my favorite holiday of the year. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and please don’t hesitate to comment below with any questions.

Materials you will need:

  • Colored card stock in orange, purple or dark yellow
  • Black, thin tipped permanent marker
  • Pastel pencils or chalk
  • Decorative pipe cleaners
  • Wood scraps (for a base)
  • Halloween stickers
  • Hot glue (adult supervision for little ones)
  • Scissors

1) Draw two or three Halloween themed characters on colored card stock using a thin permanent marker for the outline. You can use the ideas pictured, or come up with your own by checking out some ‘vintage Halloween’ Google images online. Remember to only draw a face and body, as the legs will be pipe cleaners. Pastels or chalk look great on colored paper and really ‘pop’, so try and use them instead of markers if you can!


2) Cut out the images as shown.


3) Turn over the characters and hot glue pipe cleaners to each one for legs. Each pipe cleaner leg should be about 4 -5 inches long.


4) Bend the bottom of the pipe cleaners to make little feet. Hot glue the feet on a scrap of wood. (Craft stores often carry small wood blocks, but I found mine in a box of old antique odds and ends).

5) Add Halloween stickers if you’d like for interest on your characters or at the base of the sculptures.


6) Display your folk art Halloween friends as a centerpiece on the table, or on a fireplace mantle or windowsill. They would also make great gifts!


Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a craft designer and illustrator specializing in adorable kawaii characters. Visit her Etsy Shop for printable coloring books and pages, and don’t forget to join the Lady Lucas Club so you don’t miss out on free downloads and ideas sent out every four weeks!

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