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Maybe it was my trip to IKEA last night, but lately I am so inspired by Scandinavian design! I love the idea of using red thread with other bright colors, and I hope you enjoy making this ‘Scan’ bunny as much as I enjoyed designing it.
1 Scan Bunny Lady Lucas

Materials you will need:

  • Yellow Felt
  • Red Embroidery Floss
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Cotton
  • 3 Toothpicks
  • Sewing & Regular Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Red Pastel Pencil or Blush
Step 1: Cut two shapes out of yellow felt. One piece should be rectangular, and the other should be the same size but with bunny ears in at the top. (Reference the photo above for proportions). Using some red embroidery floss, stitch a face on the felt piece with bunny ears; two french knots for the eyes and a small cross stitch for the nose and mouth.
2 Scan Bunny Lady Lucas
Step 2: One the other piece of felt, add a small french knot for the bunny’s tail. Flip the felt piece over and glue on the arms and legs as shown. I cut one toothpick in half for the arms, and snipped the top of two others to make the legs.3 Scan Bunny Lady Lucas
Step 3: Using a running stitch, attach both felt pieces together as shown.
4 Scan Bunny Lady Lucas
Step 4:¬†Continue stitching all around the rectangle shape of the bunny’s body until only one side remains open. Stuff a few pieces of cotton inside, then finish with a running stitch.
5 Scan Bunny Lady Lucas
Step 5: Add cheeks to your cute bunny with a little red pastel pencil or blush.


*Tip* Experiment with different colors of felt and different ear shapes too. This template would be really cute for cats, pigs, dogs and even frogs!
Ashley Lucas {aka Lady Lucas} is a craft designer and and illustrator specializing in adorable kawaii characters. Visit her Etsy Shop for kawaii printables and coloring books, and don’t forget to join the Lady Lucas Club so you don’t miss out on free downloads and ideas sent out every four weeks!

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