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Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, everyone I know is looking for cute ideas to make their garden and patios look more decorative this summer. While planting outside the other day, I came across these lovely stones, and thought they would make a great keepsake once painted. Enjoy!

Materials you will need:

*  Smooth stones in assorted sizes & shapes
*  Acrylic paints
*  Paintbrushes

Step 1: Make sure the stones you select are thoroughly washed and all dirt and sand is removed. If you buy them at the craft store, look for stones that have a slight texture to them. Those that are completely polished will not accept the paint as well.


Step 2: Take a look at the shapes of the stones you have chosen and get creative with the subject matter. I couldn’t believe how much one of mine had the shape of a strawberry, and owls are always an easy choice!

Step 3: Paint your stones using acrylic paint that is not too watered down. You want to achieve an opaque look, so you may need a few coats of paint in order to make sure the colors are nice and bold. Start with the lightest colors first; such as yellow and light brown.


Step 4:  Add details to your stone creations with black paint and a small brush.


Step 5: Allow all the rocks to dry completely. You could also spray them with an acrylic sealant if you are afraid of the paint coming off or fading outdoors.

Step 6: Now here comes the ‘secret’ part… display the stones in unexpected places in your garden or even your living room if you like. Guests will enjoy discovering the ‘secret stones’, as well as young children!




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