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These cute little valentines are the perfect way to send something a little different to friends and family this February. Get as creative as you can with the sayings on the back and the recipient will be tickled!

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Materials you will need:

  • heart cookie cutter(s)
  • watercolor paper
  • fancy patterned paper (wrapping paper will do)
  • paints & a paintbrush
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • glue stick
  • a pen for writing a message, adding details, etc.

Step 1 Lightly trace around a heart shaped cookie cutter with a pencil.

Veg Valentines Lady Lucas 2

Step 2 Decide on which veggies you’d like to paint before you begin. I chose to paint pea pods and radishes.  Paint your veggie subject in the middle of each heart.

Veg Valentines Lady Lucas 3

Step 3 Soak your brush in a bright color of paint and trace around the outline of each heart shape.

Veg Valentines Lady Lucas 4

Step 4 Cut out your valentines with a sharp scissor.

Step 5 Using a glue stick, glue the back of each valentine to a piece of patterned paper. Carefully cut around the heart shape making the patterned paper appear about a half inch to an inch larger than the painted heart.

Veg Valentines Lady Lucas 5

Step 6 Using your pen, write a cute message on the back of your Valentine. Here are some ideas: “Turnip the Love”, “You look Radish-ing”, “Two Peas in a Pod”.

*Cute idea* Add a packet of veggie seeds inside each envelope when you send your Valentines out!

Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is the Queen of Cute Characters. She is an avid craft designer, illustrator and needle felting artist. You can visit her Etsy store online which sells adorable printable downloads, and also her website, ?

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