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Basket weaving is a traditional art that has gained popularity over the last few years with crafters looking to expand their horizons and take on new crafting projects. Basket weaving is an incredibly rewarding craft because once you finish the weaving, you are left with a beautiful, hand-crafted basket that has a use for your home.

Baskets also make excellent gifts for families and friends. If you are just getting started in basket weaving, you’re probably curious what supplies you will need to create beautiful baskets. Browse this list of basket weaving supplies to make sure that you have everything you need to get started:

Commonwealth Tool Kit

The Commonwealth Basket Basketry Tool Kit (Amazon UK/Amazon USA) has everything that you’ll need to get started with basket weaving. This five piece set includes a packing tool, reed snipper, reed cutter, caning awl and a reed gauge. The carrying case makes this kit easy to store and keep organized. Once you have this kit, you’ll be ready to follow any basket weaving design project with the confidence that you have all the tools you’ll need.

Basic Basket Making Book

Handmade Baskets: From Nature's Colourful Materials (Search Press Classics) There are a number of great basket making books on the market that will show you everything from beginner skills to more advanced basket weaving patterns and techniques. Start by getting a book that will show you the basics of basket weaving so that you can build up your skill set and begin to tackle harder projects. The book Handmade Baskets (Amazon UK/Amazon USA) by Susie Vaughan  is an excellent place to start. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to make a delightful selection of strong, natural-looking and colourful baskets, mostly using materials which have been gathered from hedgerows, woods and gardens

A Variety of Reed

Reed is of course one of the essential parts of basket weaving. Reed and fiber for weaving comes in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Consult your basket project guide for what thickness and type of reed you should use to make each type of basket. There is flat reed, oval reed, round reed, chair cane and many more types of reed, so it’s important to choose the right type of reed for each project. Reed is sold in bundles, making it easy to get different types of reed for your basket weaving needs.

Basic Weaving Kits

Basic weaving kits are a great way to get used to basket weaving and trying out new patterns and techniques. A basket weaving kits will normally provide you with a full pattern for the design and a handle to use with the basket. Some kits will even include the specific reed you need to create the basket. Once you learn the popular designs from basic basket weaving kits, you can explore more advanced designs or even create designs of your own.

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