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On my art table sits an aquarium with two adorable fish named ‘Doodle & Sketch’. They inspire me every day, and were the inspiration for this particular sewing project.

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2 Fish Plushie Lady Lucas

This cute plush fish is a great little gift for shelf nursery decor, or works great as a hanging piece. I don’t really believe in being that exact or drawing patterns, so I cut all of these pieces out free hand {fold a large piece of fabric in half to cut two matching pieces out at once}. This project is supposed to be imperfect, and fish are very forgiving by design, so have fun with this and feel free to experiment!

Materials you will need:

  • 2 Buttons
  • Black Embroidery Thread & Needle
  • Fabric {2 Different Patterns or Colors}
  • Toy Stuffing
  • White Thread
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing Scissors

3 Fish Plushie Lady Lucas

1. Cut out the following pieces of material freehand:

  • 2 ‘fish body’ pieces {fabric #1}
  • 1 ‘top fin’ piece {fabric #1}
  • 2 ‘small side fish fins’ {fabric #2}
  • 2 ‘larger back fantail fins’ {fabric #2}

2. Using some black embroidery floss, create a smile on each ‘fish body’ piece using a running stitch. The same floss can be used to attach a button eye on each piece.

4 Fish Plushie Lady Lucas

3. Pin all fish pieces together before sewing like the image above shows.

4. Using your sewing machine, sew the top fin to the first fish body piece.

5. Sew the back fantail fins onto each fish body piece. Next, sew the smaller side fins on.

5 Fish Plushie Lady Lucas

6. Place both finished body pieces together {finished side out} and sew around the body leaving a opening towards the back of the fish for toy stuffing. Add a liberal about of stuffing, then finish off by stitching the opening by hand with matching thread {I used white for my project}.

7. If you wish to hang your fish up as an art piece, attach some white thread to the top fish fin and also the two back fins. Tie each thread to a bamboo skewer or something similar and hang. It will look a little like a nautical puppet 😉

6 Fish Plushie Lady Lucas

Ashley Lucas is a children’s illustrator and crafts designer. She is known to her adorable art students as ‘Lady Lucas’, and runs her business under the same name. You can purchase her adorable plush creations directly by emailing, or visit her online etsy store and website at

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