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Here’s a fun winter day project that is perfect for children ages 5+. These cute little spool people are the perfect happy addition to your January and February decor. Children in my private art classes loved making them this month and I hope you do too!

1 Spool Dolls Lady Lucas

Materials you will need:

*  Small wooden doll heads
*  Small wooden spools
*  Acrylic paint {assorted colors}
*  Small paint brushes
*  Pencil & permanent marker
*  Small novelty items such as mini silk flowers or fabric scraps
*  Strong craft glue / hot glue

Step 1: Using strong glue or hot glue for an instant bond, adhere the small wooden doll heads to the spool bodies. {adult help might be needed for this step if hot glue is used!}

2 Spool Dolls Lady Lucas

Step 2: Using a small paintbrush, paint your doll heads with your desired color. Paint the spool another contrasting color and the lip of the spool another color for added interest.

3 Spool Dolls Lady Lucas

Step 3: Once the paint has dried on your doll, add details for a face and head lightly using a pencil. Add a line for the hair so it’s easier to paint later.

4 Spool Dolls Lady Lucas
Step 4: Paint hair onto your doll and add facial features with a permanent marker. Have fun by making your doll’s hair an unusual color like purple, pink or bright red!

5 Spool Dolls Lady Lucas
Step 5: Using strong craft glue, add details to your spool doll such as mini flowers for her head or a little hat if it’s a boy. Buttons work great for this! Pretty much any small scraps of craft materials will do! I also added a painted mustache to my boy doll which is always fun.

6 Spool Dolls Lady Lucas


Make a whole bunch of spool dolls to give as gifts or keep them for play time!

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