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These adorable gingerbread ornaments aren’t real food, they’re paper – making them super easy and fun for young children! Decorate your tree with a dozen of these cute cut outs, or use them as clever gift tags for your holiday packages.
1 Gingerbread House
You Will Need: thin cardboard or brown card stock, gingerbread cookie cutters, pink and white acrylic paint, small paint brushes, a hold puncher, embroidery floss, markers, pencils, scissors

Step 1 :
Trace cookie cutters with with pencils on brown card stock or cardboard to create gingerbread men and house shapes. You could also create these shapes free hand if you wish. 
2 Gingerbread Man
Step 2 : Carefully cut your traced shapes out with scissors. 
3 Gingerbread Cut Outs
Step 3 : Punch a hole at the top of each gingerbread shape and string though a piece of embroidery floss. 
4 Gingerbread Cut Out
Step 4 : For the gingerbread house, add details like a roof, door and windows with markers. Draw your favorite candies on your house as well; then add some snow details with a touch of white acrylic paint. For the gingerbread people, use a thin brush to apply white and pink paint for the icing. For very young children, Sharpie paint markers work ever better than paint brushes so the children have more control over their creations. 
5 Gingerbread Ornaments
Hang your gingerbread ornaments on a Christmas tree or around the home for a warm, cheery look!
6 Gingerbread Ornaments
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