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Here’s the perfect way to get ready for fall and the upcoming Halloween holiday! An easy and fun craft for kids and adults, Halloween Friends are the perfect decoration for your home or outfit!

You will need:

*   assorted chenille and regular pipe cleaners, colored card stock, thin markers, strong craft glue, scissors, Halloween stickers or confetti


*   pin backs, magnets, string, crepe paper, Halloween odds and ends for accessories, hot glue

Step 1

Create the body for your first Halloween Friend. The one pictured here is for a black cat. If you’re using a bumpy chenille pipe cleaner, cut with scissors in the middle and bend one half for the legs. Wrap the the other half around the legs to form the arms and body.

2 Halloween Friends

Step 2

Create a face for your Halloween Friend by cutting sturdy card stock into your desired shape, like a cat face as I’ve done here and glue to the pipe cleaner body. Other ideas are skeletons, round circles for pumpkin heads and green paper for a witch’s face. Add details to the face with thin tipped markers and add stickers and/or Halloween confetti if you wish.

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3 Halloween Friends

Step 3

Add an accessory to your Halloween Friend such as this cute little candy corn wand I’ve made with a candy corn pick and some yarn. Other ideas would be to add an outfit with colored crepe paper or ribbon { like the little dress I made for my witch}.

4 Halloween Friends

Step 4

These adorable decorations look great perched around your home during the fall, but if you want to make them ‘usable’ add a pin back, magnet or string with hot glue to turn your Halloween Friend into a fun little creature you can give as a gift!

5 Halloween Friends

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1 Halloween Friends


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