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I was inspired to create this summer craft after visiting a simply adorable flower shop in Austria. There were all these lovely cloth butterflies in the bouquets and I thought it might be fun to make my own! Due to use of hot glue, this craft is perfect for older DIY enthusiasts 😉

For this craft you will need:

*   colored popsicle sticks

*   colorful fabric

  • *   thin pipecleaners
  • *   a
  •  black permanent marker

*   bamboo skewers

*   hot glue & scissors

Step One 

Cut a popsicle stick in half and round the edges of each side with some scissors. Add a little face to both pieces with a permanent marker.


Step Two

Cut brightly colored material into ‘hourglass’ shapes for the wings of your butterflies.


Step Three

Turn your popsicle stick shapes over and hot glue your fabric to the back after pinching it together slightly. Hot glue a twisted piece of thin pipe cleaner for the antennae, and a bamboo skewer for the pick that will go into your flower pot or bouquet.


Step Four

After your hot glue is dried, arrange the wings how you would like and add your fabric butterflies to a lovely flower bouquet or summer plant!


Ashley Lucas is an illustrator and crafty girl with her own business, called Lady Lucas, that offers adorable handmade goods and art to the public. Visit her online to see her whimsical artwork, cute characters, and free crafting ideas in her Etsy Shop and If you have any questions you’d like to ask about her tutorials, she’d love to hear from you at!

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