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My name is Raphaele, I blog at La Creature and you and I am delighted to be here with you today. Thanks to Alison for having me on her amazing website.
Today I want to share with a tutorial for my yummy strawberry coasters. Made with felt, these coasters will perfectly dress up your garden table for some lazy drinks with family and friends. This is an easy hand sewing project, one coaster can be completed within one hour.


– Felt in green and red ;
– Sewing thread to match felt colours ;
– Embroidery floss (multi strands mouline) in yellow ;
– Template (provided here) ;
– Sharp scissors (embroidery type) ;
– Needle and pin.
Step 1 – Using the provided template at the bottom of the post cut out one fruit shape in red and one stalk shape in green. Also cut a 12×12 cm – 5” x 5” square in red felt.
Step 2 – Make single stitches all over the fruit shape using two strands of the yellow embroidery floss. The stitches should be around 2-3 mm – 1/8” long as shown on picture 1.
Step 3 – Lay the fruit shape on top of the felt square, then position the stalk on the fruit. Pin the three layers all together as shown on picture 2.
Step 4 – Using the green sewing thread, make a running stitch all around the stalk, stitching 3 mm – 1/8” from the edge. In the same way, make a running stitch around the fruit edge with your red thread. You should now have what is shown on picture 3.


 Step 5 – Trim extra felt from the square so it matches the strawberry edge. And voilà!
Tip: To make sure loose ends of the running stitches don’t show, hide starting and finishing stitch between two layers of felt as show on picture 2 above.
To download the Strawberry Coaster Template, please click here please click here.

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