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This little activity is a super idea for a rainy day. Although these little guys are edible, I doubt you’d want to eat them with the cumin seeds! Much better for a decoration on a cake or pastry ūüėČ

  • package of marzipan or almond paste from the grocery store
  • food coloring in red and blue
  • a toothpick and q-tip
  • cumin seeds
Step One:¬†Warm four small balls of marzipan in the palms of your hands. You want to treat it almost like clay. The more you work with it, the smoother it will get. Form the four balls into egg shapes and let rest for a moment. Now add an extra piece of marzipan to the top of the ‘egg shapes’ and pinch to make a snout for your hedgehogs.
Step Two:¬†Now it’s time to add little hands and feet to your hedgehogs. Make a whole bunch of super tiny balls with the marzipan and press them into the front of your hedgehogs.

Step Three: This part takes the most time! Roll the back of your hedgehogs into the cumin seeds to gently add a few prickles to them. Now manually place the seeds around the face and tummy. This requires a little patience but it fun in the end! If you want tiny ears on your hedgehogs, apply two tiny pieces of marzipan to the top of the head as you did the hands and feet.


Step Four: Add a face to the hedgehogs by dipping a toothpick into a few drops of blue food coloring. Three dots will do for the eyes and nose. To make rosy cheeks and a tummy, add a little water to red food coloring and apply with a q-tip or cotton swab for a nice watercolor effect. 


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