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To make this cute felt snowman embroidery, you will need: 

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*   stiff, dark blue colored felt sized 5″ x 7″

*   colored card stock sized 5 x 7″

*   a 5″ x 7″ frame for hanging

*   white, blue and orange felt

*   pink, black, blue and yellow embroidery floss with needle

*   2 black beads

*   2 buttons

*   blush makeup

*   1 holiday finding or button

*   glue and scissors

Step One: I love this project because you don’t need an embroidery hoop! Stiff felt is sturdy enough embroider on, so one less step to worry about 😉 After cutting a piece of dark blue, stiff felt which will fit in your chosen frame, embroider two circles for the snowman’s body using the running stitch with blue embroidery floss.

I stitched the bottom snowball in place first, then the second smaller snowball on top.

{I have added a template for you here if you would like to reference the scale for cutting out the felt pieces. I have also added a stitching guide for this project}.

Step Two: Next, embroider the remaining felt pieces; the carrot nose and blue top hat. The running stitch works well for these two pieces, with a brightly colored floss like bright pink. 

Step Three: Now use your black embroidery floss to attach your snowman’s black bead eyes. The same floss can be used to make a cute coal mouth. I used french knots for the mouth, but you can also use the simple running stitch for a nice smile instead. Rethread your needle with yellow floss and attach your snowman’s buttons. The same color can be used for stick arms like the ones I’ve created here.

Step Four: Add a cute holly finding to the snowman’s top hat with blue floss. You can add anything you have at home for this part… a sequin, button or festive bead all work great. Lastly, add a little blush to your snowman for rosy cheeks. The best way to apply this is with a Q-Tip or dry, narrow paintbrush.

Step Five: Glue a piece of card stock to the back of your creation to finish it off nicely and cover the stitches, then place it in your frame. Hang and enjoy!

Ashley Lucas is an illustrator and crafty girl with her own business, called Lady Lucas, that offers adorable handmade goods and art to the public. Visit her online to see her whimsical artwork, cute characters, and free crafting ideas at

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