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To make these whimsical winter gift tags you will need the following:

*   patterned holiday paper

*   scraps of colored paper

*   snowy glitter

*   a permanent marker

*   a glue stick

*   scissors {scalloped and regular}

*   a hole puncher

*   googly eyes

1. Snowman Tag To make this darling gift tag, all you need to do is fold a piece of solid colored paper in half. I used a scalloped scissor to cut the bottom of mine. Punch a hole in your tag {for easy attachment to your gift later on}. Tear a piece of white scrap paper to form two round shapes and glue them on your tag. Draw a cute face with the permanent marker and glue a bit of paper for your snowman’s nose. Glide your glue stick along the bottom of your gift tag and sprinkle some snow glitter on top for a real wintry look.

 2. Little Elf Tag: Cut a piece of patterned paper into the shape of a square. Punch a hole for hanging later. Tear red, yellow and white scrap paper into some shapes that form the upper body of a little Christmas elf like the one pictured here. Glue some googly eyes onto the face of your elf and draw a cute nose and mouth. With your glue stick, add a little glue to your elf’s hat and collar and sprinkle on some snow glitter.

3. Starburst Tag Fold a rectangle of patterned paper in half and cut the bottom with your scalloped scissor. Punch a hole for hanging later. Cut a piece of solid colored paper out and glue it on the front of your tag. Next, cut a star or starburst shape out of brightly colored paper. The more little spikes your starburst has… the better! Glue your star shape on the tag and fold the spikes of your shape inward. This gives your tag a great 3-D look. Add a face with marker.

4. Country Heart Tag Fold a rectangular piece of patterned paper in half. Punch a hole for hanging later. Next, cut out a heart shape so that the top of both hearts stay connected.  Cut some smaller hearts out of solid colored paper and glue them onto the front of your tag. Use your marker to add some details like a face and dots. I like the look of ‘country tin’ look so I created lots of little dots to mimic this idea on paper.

Ashley Lucas is an illustrator and crafty girl with her own business, called Lady Lucas, that offers adorable handmade goods and art to the public. Visit her online to see her whimsical artwork, cute characters, and free crafting ideas at

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