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Halloween is a time of mystery and magic that captivates the attention of children who look forward to dressing up and eating sweets each October. There are a multitude of fun and easy Halloween activities for kids that can spice up the holiday season this year.  Have fun with costumes, food, crafts and games this Halloween!

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There are unlimited ideas for Halloween costumes for kids, so the real challenge will be coming up with an idea that you can easily make and that your child will love wearing. Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas that you can make on a budget:

  • Football or Baseball Player costume
  • Gift Box costume
  • Ladybug costume
  • Scarecrow costume
  • Ghost costume
  • Mummy costume
  • Skeleton costume



50 Legendary Halloween Recipes: Recipes for All Seasons to Put A New Spin on Halloween While candy may reign supreme for Trick-Or-Treating, there are a number of kid-friendly Halloween recipes that are fun and easy to make. Use your imagination to turn sweet treats into spooky snacks this holiday season.

Turn a boring batch of vanilla cupcakes into Halloween treats by adding a few drops of orange food coloring to the batter before baking. Once baked, have kids help decorate the cupcakes with orange, black, green and white icing along with sprinkles, marshmallows, candy or any other toppings you have. Create ghosts, witches and pumpkins with icing and toppings.

Other ideas include adding gummy worms to fruit punch or lemonade for a creepy beverage, adding orange and brown M&M’s to rice crispies treats, Jell-O with gummy eyeballs and more!


Glitterville's Handmade Halloween: A Glittered Guide for Whimsical Crafting! Decorating for Halloween is a memorable experience for many kids. Make it extra special by purchasing spider webbing, plastic spiders, witch hats, orange lights and any other decorations you can find or make. Have kids help you place the decorations around the inside and outside of your apartment or home, turning the space into a Halloween funhouse.

You can also craft candy satchels for Trick-Or-Treating by using a paper bag and craft supplies or an old pillowcase that can be painted and decorated. Pumpkin painting is also a fun and easy Halloween activity for kids.


Halloween Egg and Spoon Race Game Set; 6 Eyeballs and Spoons with Assorted Colors for Kids and Adults Halloween Outdoor Fun Games, Party Favor Supplies, Classroom Activities If you are having a Halloween party for kids, you’ll need to come up with some fun games for everyone to enjoy. Try these easy and enjoyable Halloween games for kids this year:

Pin the Wart on the Witch: Purchase a witch poster from a Halloween store or party store. Make the warts by cutting out circular dots from brown construction paper. Make the dots big enough to label with the child’s name. Fasten double-stick tape to the back of each dot. Have children try to pin the wart on the witches face. Whoever gets closest gets a prize or candy.

Spider Web: Create a huge spider web by having children stand in a circle. Give one child the end of a large spool of white yarn. Have the child toss the yarn to another child across the circle. That child then holds onto a piece of the yarn while throwing the spool to another child. Continue this until a large spider web forms in the center of the circle.

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