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Halloween is a great time to try out new crafts for children. This holiday is full of creepy and fun decorations that children love to see and make. You can make Halloween spider crafts with children using many materials that you might already have around the house, or that are affordable and easy to find at local craft stores. Try out these fun Halloween spider crafts for children this year to make handy spider accessories and decorations:

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Halloween Spider Candy Bag

Give children a unique bag to collect candy from trick-or-treating with a spider candy bag holder. The supplies you’ll need for this activity include a black felt bag, cotton bag or pillowcase, glue on eyes, 1 red pipe cleaner and 4 black pipe cleaners. Have the children help you glue on the eyes and a red pipe cleaner mouth to make a face for the spider on the bag, and then glue or staple on the black pipe cleaner legs. This fun bag will be a hit in the neighborhood during trick-or-treating.

Yarn Spider Webs

Make fun spider web designs to display on Halloween. For this activity you’ll need pieces of black construction paper, scissors, white and gray yarn and craft glue. Start by cutting the construction paper in a large oval or circle. Have children use the craft glue to make web-like circles on the construction paper. Then, cut foot-long sections of yarn and lay the yarn down on top of the glue patterns. Set aside to dry and then tape to windows to display. Add plastic spiders for extra fun.

Halloween Spider Cards

Have children make cute Halloween cards for their teachers, relatives or friends. For this activity you’ll need white, black or orange construction paper, markers, pipe cleaners and craft glue. Fold a piece of construction paper in half to create a card. Have the child draw a smiley face on the front of the card. On either side of the face, glue four one-inch pieces of pipe cleaner to create the spider legs. On the inside of the card, write a Happy Halloween message with markers and have the child draw other Halloween-themed drawings such as ghosts or a tombstone.

Egg Carton Spiders

Create creepy spiders that can be displayed on tables or hung from trees. For this activity you’ll need an egg carton, black paint, glue on eyes, craft glue and black pipe cleaners and a sharp pencil. Start by cutting the egg carton into separate cups (you should end up with 12 cups for a dozen egg carton). Have the children help to paint each cup with black craft paint. After the cups are dry, glue on two or four wiggly eyes. Then, poke four holes into each side of the cup with a sharp pencil. Insert one-inch sections of black pipe cleaner into the poked holes to create legs. Bend the legs to make the spider stand, or, poke a hole in the top of the cup as well to insert a string so that the spider can hang.

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