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Grandparent’s Day is the perfect holiday to introduce children to crafting. The kids will have fun creating a project for their grandparents, and grandparents love to receive thoughtful and homemade gifts from their grandchildren. You really can’t go wrong when creating a gift for grandparents, but there are a couple grandparents day crafts that really impress.

Try these grandparent’s day crafts this year to make grandparent’s day extra special:

Sew Gifts!: 25 Handmade Gift Ideas from Top Designers Grandparent’s Day Mug – Spruce up a plain mug with unique designs that your kids come up with. What you’ll need is a plain white mug or teacup and acrylic paint. Let kids paint the cup with designs and decorations that they choose. Make the mug or teacup even more special by also painting on sayings like “I love you” or “World’s Best Grandparent.” Grandparents will feel the love each time they use the mug or teacup.

Grandparent’s Day Picture Frame – If you have a special picture of your children with their grandparent or grandparents, this is the perfect time to create a custom frame to display the picture to give as a grandparent’s day gift. You can purchase a plain wood or white frame, paint, ribbon, and any other decorations that you or your children choose from the craft store. Let your kids decorate the frame with fun colors and designs before placing the photo inside the frame. Grandparents will look at the photo with fond memories and also appreciate the effort that went into decorating the frame.

Grandparent’s Day Collage – Collages are a fun way to give grandparents a lot of fun-filled memories with multiple photos and items. You can create collages on cardstock and frame the cardstock with a large picture frame. Things to put in the collage include family photos (especially ones of the grandchildren and grandparents), cut out hearts and fun shapes and other items that bring up good memories, like theater tickets, portions of handwritten notes or any other item that has sentimental value. Frame the collage so that it can be displayed for years to come.

101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make Grandparent’s Day Cards – Making personalized, homemade cards is something that every child loves to do, so get the kids to make their own grandparent’s day cards this year. Help kids cut out fun shaped cards instead of the traditional rectangular shaped card to make the project more interesting. Easy to cut shapes for cards include hearts and butterflies. Let your child decorate the card with bright colors, stickers and glue on shapes. Be sure to write in a special message and let your child sign the card with a marker or a crayon.

Grandparent’s Day Placemats – You can create your very own placemats for grandparents day with a few pieces of wax paper and found objects in the garden. Simply head outside with your kids to collect pretty flowers to use in the placemat. Once you have the flowers, place them between two equally sized sheets of wax paper that are about the size of a placemat. You can also place a handwritten note by your child between the wax paper sheets with the flowers. Then, simply use a hot iron to press melt the wax paper, enclosing the flowers and note within the sheets of wax paper. The finished product is a homemade placemat for grandparents to cherish.

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