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Scrabble Craft Ideas

I’m doubly obsessed – I became a craft nut while my wife was pregnant with out now seven month old son. I was spending lots of time at home with her, cooking, cleaning, and doing crafts to keep us occupied while we waited for our new blessing. It didn’t take long for me to realize how my new crafting obsession fit in with my lifelong love of the game Scrabble.

At the time of my first adventures in crafts, I owned three Scrabble boards in various states of disarray. Some had a few tiles missing or a game board where the dog took out his wrath with a nice big bite on the corner. Looking for new craft materials in the linen closet, my eye focused on those old Scrabble boards. What a perfect place to pull craft materials from–nice little wooden tiles with letters printed on them.

Here are three at home craft ideas based on the Scrabble board game. I’ve done all of these projects, and none of them is particularly difficult or expensive.

Scrabble Necklace or Bracelet

I got my inspiration for this neat craft from a ring I saw at a craft fair in New Jersey. Someone had removed all the keys from a typewriter or two and turned them into earrings, rings, charms, etc. When I pulled out one of my decrepit Scrabble boards and realized how many letters I had, I knew what to do.

You can use the Scrabble tiles as they are (this is especially good for word people, book nuts, or Scrabble lovers) or paste your own design onto the Scrabble tiles ahead of time. Or you can use scrapbook paper, craft paper, cardstock, or any paper featuring a design that you like, cut out a piece the size of the Scrabble tile, and you have perfectly sized wooden tiles cut and polished already for you.

Attaching the tile or tiles to a necklace or bracelet (or ring for that matter) can be done a number of ways. Consider the simplest way–attaching a bail to the back of the tile with super glue. You could also drill through the tile if you had the proper woodworking tools.

I like to make bracelets spelling out my friend’s names or other phrases, but you’re only limited by your imagination.

Scrabble Fridge Magnets

If you have enough Scrabble tiles lying around, you can make a decent sized set of fridge magnets similar to Magnetic Poetry. Of course, you’d have to have several Scrabble boards to pull letters from in order to make a set of letters large enough to create good MagPo.

Another idea is to just make a small set of Scrabble tile magnets. These are cute because Scrabble tiles are instantly identifiable pieces of pop culture, and you can even paint or dye the wooden tiles different colors for an extra effect.

Buy magnets from your craft store or hobby shop–make sure to measure your Scrabble tiles so you know what size magnets to buy. You don’t want magnets sticking out from behind the tiles.

If you want to go the extra mile, super glue different Scrabble tiles together to make a larger magnet. I made a set of magnets for a friend that said things like “MY BEAUTIFUL ART” and “GROCERY LIST” so she could stick different categories of things on her fridge.

Scrabble Board Birth Announcement

This was the ultimate Scrabble craft–the big surprise for my wife and a gift that we’ll have forever.

I took my best-looking old Scrabble board and a collection of Scrabble tiles and spelled out our son’s birth announcement to look like a game of Scrabble. I admit, I had to go out and buy two new Scrabble boards to get all the tiles I needed, and I made number tiles out of blank tiles I bought at a local craft store, but the end-result was fabulous.

If you wanted to recreate this project, be aware that putting the words together to mimic a Scrabble board is not as easy as it sounds. I had to take some liberties with the rules of the game, and make my own tiles, but the birth announcement translated beautifully to a digital picture and now hangs on our wall.

Will Roby is a DIY craft nut and head writer for Scrabble Pages. Scrabble Pages is a resource for all things Scrabble.

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