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Art of Crafts Interview: Joyce from Sashiko Southwest

Today we welcome Joyce from Sashiko Southwest to the blog to tell us a little more about her business and her beautiful samplers. Sashiko Southwest is one or our featured businesses on our sister site the Art of Crafts Directory. 1. Firstly, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about where you are based? Hello, my name is Joyce Perz. I currently live in Albuquerqu [...]

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Secret Stones Rock Art Tutorial

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, everyone I know is looking for cute ideas to make their garden and patios look more decorative this summer. While planting outside the other day, I came across these lovely stones, and thought they would make a great keepsake once painted. Enjoy! Materials you will need: *  Smooth stones in assorted sizes & shapes *  Acry [...]

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Art Shows

I have been an artist my whole life, as I suspect most artists and craftspeople are. Both of my parents are fine artists, so the influence of the arts in my life has been a constant since I was just a little one. As I grew up and started to find my voice as a creative professional, I began showing my work at every event and venue that I could. Now at age 33, I have amassed a li [...]

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Art Month Book Giveaway

I can't believe that we are at the 8th of the month and I haven't even kicked off art month - well that changes right here :-) I thought I would start with the giveaway and then we have some other lovely art based posts coming soon. Today I have giveaway featuring four fab books and these will suit people who want to try different types of 'art work'. I’m going to intro [...]

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Before We Leave Knitting Month

Before we leave knitting month behind us, today I just wanted to share the beautiful work of Pat Collingwood who has been knitting for a long time and who finds joy in the craft. Over to you Pat..... "I have been knitting for over 40 years. I retired 4 years ago and have used the extra time to learn new skills. First I started painting and drawing then began to learn new cr [...]

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Win One of Three Knitting Books in Today's Giveaway

** This giveaway is now closed and the lucky winners (drawn by random number generator) are: Beanies and Bobble Hats: Katherine Brooks Very British Baby Knits: Milla Arm & Finger Knitting: Linda Rumsey Thanks to all those who entered and congrats to the winners I will be emailing you shortly.** Today I have giveaway featuring three lovely books and these will [...]

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You Can Have Fun Trying a New Craft

I expect many of you know the very talented Lucy from Button Fayre who creates stunning designs in gorgeous fabrics and super cute buttons. However Lucy is here today to share with us a craft that she is still a beginner at, and to say that if you fancy doing something you should just try it out. Over to you Lucy.... "I thought this might be another perspective from a kni [...]

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Knitting Month - We Start With a Giveaway

** This giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner is Anne Greenhalgh. Many thanks to all those who took the time to enter and congrats Anne, I will be emailing you shortly.** Last month our theme was quilting and we saw a range of beautiful quilts from our readers plus we had a very cool giveaway. This month we are turning our attention to knitting and to start the ball [...]

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Quilting from Glenroy Designs

Well our March month of quilting is drawing to a close and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. If you haven't entered the giveaway to win one of five quilting books yet -  there is still time - head over now as the giveaway closes tomorrow. Just before we leave quilting though I have a treat for you today. The lovely ladies over at Glenroy Designs are sharing some [...]

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Free Online Quilting Classes

As this is quilting month I thought I would point you in the direction of some free quilting classes from Craftsy. For any of you who haven't come across Craftsy yet you are in for a treat. They offer classes in all sorts of arts and crafts subjects and the ones I have taken - including jewelry design, crochet and drawing - have all been great. The teachers are excellent and [...]

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A Love of Quilting Made Kristina Dust Off Her Sewing Machine

Hi my name is Kristina Riauke and I live in Ireland. I've been making quilts for the past year.   I discovered that I loved quilting ever since I went to my first quilting class. I bought my first sewing machine to hem my husband's trousers 6 years ago and until I discovered quilting it stood in my home collecting dust .   The first quilt I ever ma [...]

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Needle Felted Rabbit Eggs Tutorial

I have had a real passion for crafting with felt over the past two years, and have noticed my little creations really appeal to crafters in particular. I hope you enjoy this simple needle felted rabbit for Easter! Materials you will need: Felt Roving {light brown, black & pink} Compressed of 'Flat' Felt Roving {light brown to match body} Small to Medium Sized Styrof [...]

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